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Airside Driver Training

Airside Driver Training - The APD UK Airside Driving Permit

Who this course is suitable for

All drivers applying for a permit to drive airside within M.A.G. 

Learning Objectives

To gain and demonstrate a sufficient knowledge and understanding of airside driving procedures, in order to obtain a valid Airside Driving Permit.

To understand the apron road system, markings and layout.

To be aware of the health and safety issues and responsibilities, as well as the accident reporting procedures.

At the end of a successfully completed course you will receive a Manchester Airport Airside Driving Permit.

Course Content

Course includes a Power point presentation covering Airfield Topography, Safe Working Practices including Health & Safety and Civil Aviation regulations covering the Airfield.

Accident and incident reporting procedures.

Emergency telephone numbers and contacts.

For new drivers of both the APD permit and the Manoeuvring Area there is also a visual familiarisation of the Airfield road system, stands and taxiways.

Drivers must then sit a multiple–choice exam to confirm that they have understood the training and that they recall the most important rules and regulations of driving Airside.

Method of delivery

Classroom instructor led session


The classroom session and Airside familiarisation takes about five hours in total, including the exam, which is 20 minutes in length. A refresher course lasts approximately three and a half hours.

Full Driver Training by the MAPLC Technical Trainers costs £182.00 + Vat.

Refresher Training costs £136.00 + Vat.

This includes literature, test fee and issue of permit. 

If your accredited company elects to carry out their own training, then you will be required to take the test with MAPLC - at a cost of £30.00 + Vat (including issue of permit). 

Maneuvering Area M Initial Permit £265.00 + VAT

Maneuvering Area (Revalidation) M Permit £177.00 + VAT

A cancellation fee of £20 is charged for all no shows, for cancellations less than 24 hours before the date, or for arriving on the course without the appropriate documentation.

How to Book

Ring the Learning Hub on 0161 489 5790 to book your place.

Candidates need to be on Level 1 of Olympic House at Manchester Airport at 08:15 hours on the due date and have with them the Airfield Driver Permit Application form with section 1 fully completed which should be a single sheet printed double sided, two single sheets are not acceptable.  The document is version 5.

Click here to download the Airfield Driving Permit Application Form

Please ensure that the Manager (authorised signatory) has authenticated the driving license and signed in the correct area.  Candidates also need  their Medical Certification to CAP 790 and  their Driving Licence.  They need a blue or Red Manchester Airport Identification pass.  In the case of an Initial Driving permit, the candidate also needs a high visibility jacket and should not be carrying any liquids, creams, gels or cigarette lighters.  

The course place is subject to a £20.00 cancellation fee for no-show, less than 24 hours cancellation on the day or for arriving on the course without the aforementioned documents for which they wouldn't be able to sit the programme.  It is imperative that persons attending MUST NOT have come directly from a night shift.

To book a medical check, ring MAPLC Occupational Health Unit direct on 0161 489 3962

You will also need to complete an Airside Driver Medical form and bring it with you to your appointment.

Airbridge Training. N.B. A more complete list of prices of all training courses including Airbridge Driving & Validation is available on request to Simon Day on (0)161 489 5790.