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Aviation Related Services

MAG offers a number of bespoke PC based solutions around the status of flights and aircraft, providing your business with the information needed to ensure both efficient and cost effective delivery of your services.

MAG will provide a network connected PC, fully configured to the MAG service required, underpinned by dedicated on-site partnerships to provide a comprehensive 24x7 support service for the device.

If you require access to aviation based information please email us or call us on 0161 489 5005 so we can arrange a demonstration.

Aviation Related Services include:

  • CHROMA Chroma is a bespoke solution developed for the central management of an Airport. This application tracks all aircraft, bags and passenger numbers. The application interfaces with all aspects of Airport business to enable you to have the most accurate information relating to the flights.
  • Radar systems indicate when the aircraft is on final approach.
  • ATC indicate when the aircraft is due and actual landing times.
  • Stand allocation indicate where the aircraft is to be parked.
  • Off-loaded bags are tracked to highlight when the first and last bags are available to passengers.
  • Interfaces with baggage systems ensure that all bags are routed to the correct collection point.
  • Baggage reconciliation ensures that no inappropriate bags are placed on the aircraft.
  • Interfaces into Passenger displays ensure that passengers know the appropriate state of the aircraft, when to approach the gate, etc.
  • All views of the aircraft data can be tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that you receive the clearest view of the information you need.


I-Airport provides a read-only flexible view of aircraft information available via any browser.