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Employee wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing


Looking after our colleagues has never been more important. In order to attract and retain the best people, we offer more than just a fair and competitive salary. We aspire to be an employer who offers great leadership, a culture of trust and openness, as well as the opportunity to be challenged. Creating an effective wellbeing strategy is an important component in becoming an ‘employer of choice’.

Our Approach

We provide our colleagues with excellent working conditions with opportunities for career development so we can attract a committed and diverse workforce. Our aim is to create a unique, forward-thinking and supportive environment that’s focused on the future. 

At M.A.G we believe that when colleagues are healthy and happy, they are more able to face the challenges of daily life. When we feel better, we work better. That's why we are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. To help deliver a better working culture which reflects our aspirations in this area, we are developing a ‘wellbeing model’ that we hope to roll out across the business in 2015/16. In essence, the model will set out a clear framework of best practice for both our business and our colleagues.

We offer our colleagues a range of incentives for working at M.A.G as we recognise that feeling valued is integral to overall wellbeing. The incentives we offer include, for example, competitive remuneration, private medical care and childcare vouchers, as well as an empowering work culture. Our aim is to recognise and reward high performance at all levels of the business. Recognition is split into two levels designed to encourage business excellence, align interests, and contribute to an energising workforce.

In addition, we’ve developed our Colleague Achievement Reviews (CARs). With ongoing coaching and twice yearly reviews, they give an opportunity to discuss working life with line managers and plan future objectives and development goals.

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Future Plans

We are committed to rolling out our new M.A.G health and wellbeing model in 2015/16. It will focus on strategic action plans to champion a culture of ‘health and wellbeing’ and will include:

  • Career development and training opportunities to ensure colleagues feel skilled to do their job well. 
  • Provision of family friendly and flexible working policies that support the integration of a work life balance (subject to business sustainability);
  • Confidential and free counselling and colleague assistance service to support colleagues dealing with issues in their personal lives; Leaders and managers who are trusted, show respect for people and provide effective role model behaviours to support healthy lifestyles, wellness, work/home balance and recognition for the contribution that colleagues make in their work;
  • Promoting partnerships between relevant parties to 'champion' a health and wellbeing culture.