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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement (1)

Stakeholder Engagement

We take full responsibility for the impact our activities have on stakeholders and the environment. Engagement with all our stakeholders shapes our strategic direction – we want a two-way dialogue in all of our engagement policies and programmes. In this way we can tap into our stakeholders’ knowledge and identify opportunities for improvement.  

Our approach

Our airports operate with a significant geographical footprint and as such, we have a varied and complex structure of stakeholders. We believe that applying a strategic and focused approach to stakeholder engagement and by collaborating with our local stakeholders through open and authentic dialogue, we are able to demonstrate the value we are adding to the economy, as well as showing how we are managing our impacts and creating an open channel for them to feedback directly to us.

Our CSR strategy was developed after significant consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. This has given us an appreciation of the CSR issues that are most material to our business and has shaped the development of our strategic objectives and targets.

Our stakeholders and engagement mechanisms are outlined below:


Engagement Method


Quarterly Airport Service.

Quality (ASQ) surveys.

On-site networking meetings.

Monthly customer relationship management (CRM) emails.

Key account management.

Industry bodies.

Monthly meetings.


Annual briefings.

Colleague reviews.

Team meetings.

Annual opinion surveys.

Internal communications including intranet and colleague magazine.

Annual achievement reviews.

Trade union representation.

Monthly forum meetings.


Regular outreach events.

Attendance at parish council meetings.

Quarterly dialogue with planning authorities.

Quarterly formal and informal liaison committees.

As a minimum, quarterly engagement with local and regional authorities.

As a minimum, quarterly dialogue with local elected representatives.

As a minimum, consultative committee meetings held three times a year at each airport.

Communication channels including emails and newsletters.

Industry bodies/Regulators/Government

Industry meetings.


Airport Operators Association.

Sustainable Aviation.

Audits and on-site visits.

Industry workshops.

Regular meetings.


Public policy engagement.

Timely communications programme and annual Shareholders’ Committee.


Tendering and contract review process.

Ongoing awareness raising and training.

Communication channels including updated emails and external stakeholder website.

Future plans

We will continue to engage with our stakeholders in a timely and consultative way. We will use stakeholder feedback to help ensure our aspirations of long-term growth are met in a responsible way, adding value to the regions in which we operate.