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Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Csr Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Building and maintaining trust is paramount to the success of any business. We recognise that this is increasingly true for M.A.G as we work towards our vision for long-term growth across all our airports. 

We're working hard to build and maintain trust through a commitment to engage openly with our stakeholders and by acting with integrity in everything we do. Our CSR objectives and strong corporate governance are designed to promote the long-term interests of our business and colleagues, endorse accountability at all levels of our organisation, and foster responsible decision making.

We are not only an integral part of the regions we serve, contributing to the economic development of the regions we are based in, we also work as a trusted partner with all our stakeholders. In this way, we are continually building a more sustainable and secure business, helping us achieve our vision of being the premier airport management and services company.

Bitc Planters Categories Communitymark Aw (1)This reporting year, M.A.G achieved 97% in the annual Business in the Community (BITC) Benchmarking Index – the highest score in our sector – earning an outstanding four star rating for our commitment to acting responsibly towards all stakeholders.

We also received two BITC Big Ticks Awards, and the Manchester Airport Academy has been shortlisted for the national BITC ‘Work Inclusion’ Responsible Business Award. 

These achievements reflect our clear, consistent and focused approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), helping us remain distinctive at the same time as adding value. By setting out a clear strategy which supports our enduring values, we have provided a clear focus and firm foundation for our work.


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