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Chief Executive’s Introduction

Annual CSR Report 2015/16

  • As a business we want to grow. But we know that it is important to do so responsibly, and by working with our neighbours, employees, the communities we serve and by playing our part protecting the environment, our business can be much stronger as a result. So we want to focus on making an impact, and hope that by looking at wider issues such as education, skills or the environment, we can build a business that serves the interests of our neighbours and the wider area.
  • We’ve been successful too, achieving growth year on year for the past five years. But as we have grown we have made sure we have developed a CSR programme to match both our growth and our ambition.
  • Our CSR programme this year is the biggest it is has ever been. Focusing on our communities, the environment, regional businesses and our colleagues, we have invested time and resource into making a difference. This is not about philanthropy, but about taking the time to understand the differing needs of those in and around our business, and taking a long term view to ensure we can build a more sustainable business for the future.  

You can find links to our strategy here. If you’d like to find our more, or read our full report, then you’ll find them in the tabs.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to get in touch with our local airport teams then please contact our CSR Team using 

Our CSR Report

Our CSR programme is wide-ranging, from directly supporting local projects through our Community Funds to consistently reducing our energy consumption.

Everything we do is detailed in our report, which you can read here by clicking on the link or image below:

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Full Report Cover

Manchester Airports Group CSR Report 2015/16: GRI 4.0 Content Index

Our Approach - Supporting Economic Growth and Investing In Communities

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Meet The Buyers

Our Community

Building relationships with local communities and working together to support education, skills and communities.

By building our enduring relationships with our local communities, we will seek to understand the issues that are important to them and use our combined skills and resources to work together for our mutual benefit. 

Our Environment

Making best use of natural resources and minimising our environmental impacts.

We will make the best use of natural resources and minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

Our People

Safe at all times, supporting and developing our people.




Commitment: Keeping them safe at all times, we will support and develop our people so they consistently deliver high performance.

Our Business

Maximising our social and economic contribution.




Commitment: Working in the spirit of partnership, we will maximise our social and economic contributions in the regions we serve.